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July 6-17






Created as part of the celebrations of the bicentenary of the discovery of the Southern Lands by Captain Nicolas Baudin, the Nicolas Baudin Prize rewards an Australian or New Zealand short film. This year, it will be awarded by a jury made up of students from the Saint-Tropez region's high schools, among which the Lycée du Golfe de Saint-Tropez. One or several "chaperone(s)" - film and television industry professionals - will guide them. On the one hand, it is a fantastic opportunity for these young people to have an in-depth look at the work of aspiring directors, on the other hand, the perception of their films by a young audience is an interesting feedback for the Antipodean filmmakers themselves.



PROGRAMME 1 - 107 min

  • Bluey de Darlene Johnson 2015 - 14’ - DCP (AUS)
  • The Kangaroo Guy - Joel Loxton (15')
  • Blue Mist - Pauline Findlay (13’)
  • The Couple - David White (08’)
  • Foal - Vanessa Gazy (24')
  • Whoever was using this Bed - Andrew Kotatko (21’)
  • Grounded de Luke Wissell (09’)
  • Hiccup de Gerald Lepkowski (03’)

PROGRAMME 2 - 85 min

  • Rain - Malina Mackiewicz (05')
  • Madam Black - Ivan Barge (11’)
  • Midnight Poetry - Emilie Boyard (14')
  • The Flying Adventures of Amelia - Pepi Kokab (14')
  • Oink - David White (10’)
  • Empathy is the Devil - Carey Ryan (13’)
  • Fish and Chicks - Elise McLeod & Julie Grumbach (18') - HC

Introduced by few directors, comedians and produces as Gerald Lepkowski and  Elise McLeod


cmbluemistBLUE MIST  - Pauline Findlay 2015 - 13’ - DCP (AUS)
A young deaf woman becomes separated from her boyfriend Tom on a bush trail in the Blue Mountains. As night falls Eve struggles to find her way back.. 




cmblueyBLUEY  - Darlene Johnson 2015 - 14’ - DCP (AUS)
Bluey, an angry young woman trapped in a life of violence, meets a mystery mentor who could change everything.




cmEmpathyistheDevilEMPATHY IS THE DEVIL - Carey Ryan  2016 - 13’ - DCP (AUS)
An overly generous man with an addiction to giving finds that charity is not always a two-way street.




cmfoalFOAL - Vanessa Gazy 2014 - 24’ - DCP (AUS)
On an isolated Australian property in 1915, Aurora faces the repercussions of a passionate affair she is having in the absence of her husband.




cmgroundedGROUNDED - Luke Wissel 2016 - 9’ - DCP (AUS)
Grounded over failing health, a desperate pilot struggles to prove to his daughter that he is fit to fly.




cmhiccupHICCUP - Gerald Lepkowski 2016 - 3’ - DCP  (AUS)
Sometimes small annoyances can be deadly.




cmmadamblackMADAM BLACK - Ivan Barge 2015 - 11’ - DCP (NZ)
When a glamour photographer runs over a child's pet, he's forced to fabricate a story about its disappearance.




cmmidnightpoetryMIDNIGHT POETRY - Emilie Boyard 2014 - 14’ - DCP (AUS)
A young mother, Tilda, has escaped London with her 7-year-old daughter in order to end an abusive relationship. In Sydney, the pressure of guilt and memory challenge her new life.




cmoinkOINK - David White 2015 - 10’ - DCP (NZ)
One farmer gives his city of pigs a short, good life, inside his machine for making meat.




cmrainRAIN (Deszcz) - Malina Mackiewicz 2015 - 5’ - DCP (AUS)
In the summer of 1983 in Kraków, Poland, prisoners sentenced to death are not informed of the date of their execution. As Jędzrej waits for his lover, Magda, a sun shower pours down.




cmthecoupleTHE COUPLE - David White 2015 - 8’ - DCP (NZ)
When a couple is faced with one of their own mortality, they both must make a choice about what their future should be.




cmThe FlyingAdventuresofAmeliaTHE FLYING ADVENTURES OF AMELIA - Pepi Kokab - 2014 - 14’ - DCP (AUS)
The film follows the relationship between eight-year-old Amelia and her distant father on the day of her mother's funeral.




cmthekangarooguyTHE KANGAROO GUY - Joel Loxton 2014 - 15’ - DCP (AUS)
A politician's statement is taken out of context and the media question his ethical integrity. To prove himself he goes to the extreme, even if it borders on the unethical.




cmWhoeverwasusingthisbedWHOEVER WAS USING THIS BED - Andrew Kotatko 2015 - 21’ - DCP (AUS)
A married couple (Radha Mitchell & Jean-Marc Barr) is woken in the dead of night by a mysterious phone call. Unable to sleep, they are drawn into an unsettling examination of their fears and desires.






fishandchicksFISH AND CHICKS - Elise McLeod & Julie Grumbach 2015 - 18’ - DCP (FR)
'Name two figures of the French revolution?' Erwan responds with a joke scribbled on his school desk, a stranger answers back with their own scribble, and so a game begins.

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