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the catch

New Zealand / 2016 / 88 min / DCP / Comedy

Director : Simon Mark-Brown

Script : Simon Mark-Brown, Glenn Wood
Cinematography : Bertrand Remaut
Editing : Bertrand Remaut
Production : Simon Mark-Brown

Cast : Nicol Munro, Tainui Tukiwaho, David Capstick, Ruth Wynne

Recently divorced and in extreme financial difficulty, Brian’s life is in turmoil, so he can’t believe his luck when a large snapper falls into his hands days before the contest. Wiremu is dead set against the idea, but things get complicated when Marcus, the ruthless local professional fisherman enters the picture and attempts to blackmail Brian. There’s a lot on the line when, added to Brian’s dilemmas, is the arrival of a new romantic interest, Farida. The Catch is a heart-warming film about friendship, trust, morals and the triumph of good over evil, all set against the backdrop of over-fishing and ecological frailty and all told with wry humour. How far will they go to win?


Simon Mark-Brown

Simon was born in Auckland New Zealand in 1960. He has been directing since 1987. He formed Republic Films in 1989 and has since shot over 1000 television commercials. He has made two short films, "Going Down" (1995) and "Quid Pro Quo" (1999) which screened at the Hollywood Film Festival. He completed a bachelor of Architecture in 2009 and He formed content production company Kontent in 2010. He has made three documentaries - "The Secret Life of John Rowles" (New Zealand's Tom Jones). "The Sun Came Out" and "A Bit Mental". "The Catch" is his first feature film (self funded and self produced).


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