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foha tau

Wallis & Futuna / 2016-17 / 3x60 min / Digital / Adventure

Director : Anthony Taitusi

Script : Anthony Taitusi
Cinematography : Kamali Fetuuaho
Music : Simon Lemaire  
Editing : Bruno Bequet
Production : Audren Launay-Trevidic, Belgacem Salem

Cast : Saki Tuakoifenua, Sanele Akau, Tuifua Togavalevale, Soakimi Mavaetau, Keleni Initia

Introduced by Audren Launay

Produced as a trilogy, Foha Tau brings to life a dramatized interpretation of the myths and legends of the South Pacific. Once upon a time in the South Pacific, more than five centuries ago…

Episode 1: La promesse d'une île (The Promise of an Island)
A young Polynesian warrior is lost at sea. On the brink of death, he manages to reach the idyllic island of Uvea (Wallis Island).

Episode 2: La mélodie du témonio (The Melody of Témonio)
The king of Uvea decides to give the young warrior Takala a chance of survival, ordering him to hunt down a witch who is wreaking havoc on the island, and to bring back her head.

Episode 3: La bataille d'Uvea (The Battle of Uvea)
Takala has now won the right to remain on the island. As he prepares to marry the king’s sister, the Tu’i Tonga, king of Tonga, arrives on Uvea to proclaim himself king of the island.


Anthony Taitusi

Born in the Territory of the Wallis and Futuna Islands, Anthony Taitusi is the first filmmaker from Wallis Island to have graduated from a film school. He studied at the EICAR International Film and Television School in the Paris region, and went on to co-found the production company Cinémata Films with two fellow graduates, Audren Launay and Belgacem Salem. Together they produced the trilogy Foha Tau.


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