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Australia / 2020 / 118 min / DCP / Comedy

Director : Jeremy Sims

Script : Jules Duncan inspired by Grímur Hákonarson's film
Cinematography : Steve Arnold
Editing : Marcus D'Arcy
Music : Antony Partos
Production : Janelle Landers, Aidan O'Bryan

Cannes : Sam Neill (Colin), Michael Caton (Les), Miranda Richardson (Kat), Wayne Blair (Lionel), Kipan Rothbury (Frenchie), Travis McMahon (Fergo)

Cannes Ecrans Séniors Award 2023

In a remote Australian sheep farming town, Colin and Les are two but who haven’t spoken to each other in 40 years. The two brothers couldn’t be more different: Colin is studious, introverted, and composed, while Les is hot-headed, crude and reckless. But they both share the same goal: win the annual competition for the best ram. But this year, Les’ finest ram tests positive for a rare disease and the authorities order the slaughter of every sheep in the valley, infected or not. But what can they do? A beautiful rural comedy, moving and funny.

Jeremy Sims

He was born in 1966 in Perth, Western Australia. He graduated from Australia's National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) with a degree in Performing Arts (Acting). As an actor he was in Idiot Box (1996), Ned (2003), Fireflies (2004), The Waiting City (2009), Dangerous Remedy (2012), Ruben Guthrie (2015). He is an actor and also director, producer and scriptwriter of film, television and theatre. Jeremy is Artistic Director of Pork Chop Productions, a company he founded in 1995, and through which he has directed and produced classic and original theatrical works nationally. He directed TV series and feature films like Last train To Freo (2006), Beneath Hill 60 (Commandos de l'ombre) (2010), Last cab To Darwin (2015), Wayne (2018), Rams (2020).

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