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Australia-Vanuatu / 2015 / 104 min / DCP / colour / Drama

Directors : Martin Butler & Bentley Dean

Script : Martin Butler, Bentley Dean, John Collee
Cinematography : Bentley Dean
Editing : Tania Nehme
Music : Antony Partos
Production : Martin Butler, Bentley Dean, Carolyn Johnson
Distribution : Urban Distribution

Cast : Mungau Dain, Marie Wawa, Marceline Rofit, Albi Nangia


Venice Film Festival 2015
Premiere (release date november 16th,  2016)

Set on a remote Pacific island, covered in rain forest and dominated by an active volcano, this heartfelt story, enacted by the Yakel tribe, tells of a sister's loyalty, a forbidden love affair and the pact between the old ways and the new.


Martin Butler & Bentley Dean

Steeped in successful documentary-making have crossed over into directing drama. They film in an unobtrusive, intimate way with Bentley operating the camera and Martin recording sound. In 2009 they collaborated on Contact, which won the AFI award for best feature documentary, the Prime Minister’s History Prize, Best Feature Documentary at the Film Critic Circle of Australia and Best Documentary at the Sydney Film Festival. In 2013 they completed First Footprints, a landmark series on the ancient history of Australia, winning the Walkley Award, ATOM award and NSW Premier’s History Prize.


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