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Australia / 2017 / 95 min / DCP / Comedy

Director : Ben Elton

Script : Ben Elton
Cinematography : Katie Milwright ACS
Editing : Peter Pritchard
Music : Sophie et Adam Gare
Production : Michael Wrenn, Sue Taylor

Cast : Magda Szubanski (Queenie), Rebecca Breeds (Keevey), John Waters (Eamon), Robert Sheehan (Roland), Michael Caton (Henri), Kelton Pell (Jack)

Cannes Ecrans Séniors Award 2018

When Keevey, the popular lead singer of Irish folk band “The Warrikins”, meets Roland, a self-righteous and somewhat eccentric theremin player, sparks begin to fly. The venue for their encounter is the annual “Westival”, a rural family folk festival that combines camper vans, beer tasting and new age market stalls with a unique blend of musical endeavour. Keevey and Roland’s blossoming romance forms the backdrop to a series of interweaving stories from all manner of festival goers as we see how their lives change from one summer to the next. Among them is Henry a grieving grandfather who runs the local Morris Dancing troupe. And Jack, a Noongar didgeridoo player, who is determined to see a better world for Jesse, the troubled teenage boy he tries to mentor through dance.


Ben Elton

Ben Elton is a multi-award winning novelist, playwright, television writer, screen writer and lyricist. He is also a theatre, screen and TV Director, a Stand Up Comedian and a very occasional actor. Born in Catford South East London in 1959 Ben was state educated and studied drama at Manchester University where he now holds an honorary Doctorate. He began his professional career in 1981. Ben married Australian musician Sophie Gare in 1994 and became an Australian citizen in 2004. He and Sophie have three children and live in Fremantle, WA.


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