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Salle Jean Despas, Place des Lices. October 10-16, 2016

Photographies of Sabine Bernert

Aotearoa New Zealand - Protectors of the Lost Ark

This exhibition is the fruit of my work over several years in close collaboration with the protectors of New Zealand endemic flora and fauna, in particular the New Zealand Department of Conservation. These images convey my extraordinary encounters with a fascinating yet threatened biodiversity. This exhibition celebrates the lifelong and tireless dedication of those involved in the preservation of New Zealand’s exceptional flora and fauna. Women, men and children, all remarkable and determined and without whose efforts many of the species presented here would have disappeared forever. They have made an invaluable contribution to these photos and videos; their conservation message is expressed therein.


expo2016b"I was barely ten years old when I wrote my first book: it was already stories about animals. Back then, I dreamed of living in a jungle among the great apes, and I taught myself Tarzan’s language so I could talk to the animals. But life took me in another direction and I ended up a lawyer. It wasn’t exactly the same kind of stories, or the same jungle, but when you have a passion for adventure and writing, it takes hold of you and won’t let you go! So, here I am now, a writer and professional photographer, and I’m making my dream come true: to share my encounters with endangered animals and amazing people from different nationalities and backgrounds who devote thelmselves body and soul to saving threatened flora and fauna and raising our consciousness. In New Zealand, I discovered a unique world, not just in terms of its biodiversity, but also in terms of the commitment of its protectors, and I’m now dedicated to sharing the richness and inspiration of this discovery with others."


Sabine Bernert, writer, photographer, lecturer - www.sabinebernert.fr

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