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Salle Jean Despas, Place des Lices, october 8-14, 2018

Recent work by Cornelius Delaney

Cornelius Delaney PostNatural Dare To Struggle

Cornelius Delaney is an Australian artist who has lived in France for 4 years. He makes large paintings on canvas that are not intended to be pretty home decor.


Cornelius Delaney Hopium"I want to expose and exaggerate a culture where the immoral has become normalised", he said. "The nature of painting, that is, basically coloured liquids arranged on a flat surface, makes me think about illusions… The illusion of depth in the image primarily, then the illusion of figures in these painted depths… These illusions lead me to consider a broader world of illusions.  The illusion, for example, that governments are motivated by the interests of citizens.  The illusion that capitalism is normal, or that it is our only option, the illusion of time, space, finance, nations and/or races, maybe also the personal illusion that my dabblings with paint have the power to change anything."

 Cornelius Delaney





He is prolific and for the last 30 years has exhibited frequently in Australia and more recently in Europe and South-East Asia.

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