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Australia / 2016 / 72 min / DCP / colour / VOSTF / Drama

Director : Dominic Pelosi
Introduced by Darrell Hoffman

Script : Andrew Pelosi
Cinematography : Dominic Pelosi
Editing : Dominic Pelosi
Production : Dominic & Andrew Pelosi

Cast : Darrell Hoffman, Ken Welsh, Pamela Eagleson, Louise Vansleve, Anne-Louise Lambert


European Premiere

A family is torn apart when their daughter is murdered. Now twenty years later with the release of her killer, the family attempt to connect with the murderer. The meeting is facilitated by a mediator who believes the process will help 'release the real estate' their offender occupies in their minds.


Dominic Pelosi

Dominic Pelosi is a director, cinematographer, writer and editor. He was born in Sydney Australia in 1983. The Big Noise (2012) a black comedy set in Sydney and Target Fascination (2016) a drama set in Bowral were both written by his brother Andrew. His films are noted for their use of non-professional actors, fusion of genres and controversial subject matter.


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