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New Zealand / 2019 / 104 min / DCP / Comedy

Director : Stallone Vaiaoga-Ioasa

Script : Stallone Vaiaoga-Ioasa
Sound : DeNoize Green
Editing : Jack Woon
Music : Andrew Faleatua
Production : Abba-Rose Vaiaoga-Ioasa

Cast : Tofiga Fepulea'i (Bob Titilo), Vito Aofaga Vito (Alama), Longie Taulafo (Popo), Yvonne Maea-Brown (Malia)

Closing Film

In this great 'action comedy' Popo and Alama are brothers living in rural Samoa working for their father planting, harvesting, and selling taro. Alama dreams of ways to make things easier for his family, even if it does not always go right, and Popo just dreams of getting out of the country. Well that opportunity arrives when they need labourers in New Zealand and both Alama and Popo get the chance to earn some more money for home. They spend their days picking kiwifruit and all is going well until the day they have to leave and Popo runs off, with both his and all of Alama’s money. Alama calls on his relative, unorthodox private investigator Bob Titilo to help track his brother down. Magnum Private Investigator he ain't.


Stallone Vaiaoga-Ioasa

Stallone Vaiaoga-Ioasa is a New Zealand born Samoan freelance television director and camera operator. With almost a decade’s experience working on NZ magazine and youth shows.  He made in 2016 his first feature film Three Wise Cousins which was self-funded and self-distributed. Three Wise Cousins exceeded all expectations to make $NZ970,000 at the New Zealand box office. His second feature Hibiscus and Ruthless was also a huge success.


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