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the cost

Australia / 2022 / 108 min / DCP / Thriller

Director : Matthew Holmes

Script : Matthew Holmes, Gregory Moss
Cinematography : Cable Williams
Editing : Edward Tresize
Music : Ronnie Minder
Production : M. Holmes, Michael Agar, Russell Cunningham, Blake Northfield, Kurt Royan

Cast : Jordan Fraser-Trumble (David), Damon Hunter (Aaron), Kevin Dee (Troy), Clayton Watson (Brian)

European premiere

Two men grieving the loss of their beloved wife/sister at the hands of murdering rapist decide to unleash their own brand of vengeance. Widower David and sibling Aaron have planned with premeditated cunning the abduction of sad loner Troy. Seizing him late one night, the steely-eyed kidnappers head deep into the Australian bush, where they make their motivations and intentions clear. But is revenge justice? And does this soothe our pain?

Matthew Holmes

Matthew began his professional film career in 1995 as a stop-motion animator, sculptor and storyboard artist, working on numerous award-winning short films and television commercials. In 2007, Matthew released his independent feature film debut Twin Rivers, a Depression-Era drama which he wrote, directed, and produced. He has been researching bushranger history and writing a screenplay on Ben Hall for over seven years. He has written several new feature projects, including two companion films to ‘The Legend of Ben Hall’. The Cost is his third feature film.

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