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millie lies low

New Zealand / 2021 / 100 min / DCP / Comedy

Director : Michelle Savill

Script : Eli Kent, Michelle Savill
Cinematography : Andrew Stroud
Editing : Dan Kircher
Production : Desray Armstrong, Angela Littlejohn

Cast : Ana Scotney (Millie), Jillian Nguyen (Carolyn), Chris Alosio (Henry), Rachel House (Marlene), Sam Cotton (Scott)

Melbourne International Film Festival 2022

A shy, anxious architecture graduate misses her flight to New York for a prestigious internship. Broke, she realizes that the price of a new ticket is prohibitive. Determined not to lose face, Millie pretends to everyone that she has arrived in New York, while looking for a way to get there and survive in Wellington hidden from everyone. Having sold her car to her friend Carolyn, she asks her to pay for it, but Carolyn doesn't have the money. Her mother Marlene, for her part, can't send her any either. Locked in her lies, will Millie make it?

Michelle Savill

She is an Auckland-based writer and director. She has directed several multi-award-winning short films ("Betty Banned Sweets", "Elaine Rides Again", "Elen is Leaving". She has also directed numerous commercials. "Millie Lies Low" is her first feature, it was selected at the Berlinale 2022 and MIFF 2022

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