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New Zealand / 2014 / 100 min / DCP / colour / Drama

Director : Max Currie

Script : Max Currie
Cinematograpy : Dave Garbett
Editing : Dan Kircher
Music : Tim Prebble
Production : Tom Hern, Luke Robinson, Jo Tagg
Cast : Brett Stewart, Sia Trokenheim, Ben Clarkson

Official selection, Palm Springs International Film Festival 2014


Charlie and Angela used to tour the country as a magician. Though the curtain unexpectedly came down both professionally and privately when their young child, Hugo, suddenly dies. When the film opens, Charlie is at home, though the mourning father is not alone, as he’s looking after and playing with a five-year-old boy, Tommy. A TV report about a missing boy provides the missing puzzle piece. Angela first rejects Charlie’s insane replacement plan. But to her surprise, gradually she finds relief in the idea of having a “new Hugo” and the associated sense of comfort and even a glimpse of the good old times increasingly outweighing her objections.


Max Currie

Max started his screen career in 2001 in front of the camera as the openly gay host and director of New Zealand's groundbreaking gay, lesbian and transgender television show, QueerNation. In 2003, Max moved to New York where he worked as a barman while interning at Film/Video Arts in SoHo and Bazmark on Broadway. In 2008, Max was awarded the jury prize for best film in The Huffington Post Contagious Film Festival for his short film protesting "Proposition 8: Some Of My Best Friends Are American". Since 2008, Max has written for New Zealand's number-one-rated, prime-time serial drama, "Shortland Street", and more recently, the comedy-drama "Step Dave". He lives in Auckland, New Zealand.




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