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Australia / 2014 / 88 min / DCP / colour / Thriller

Director : Ian Pringle

Script : Ian Pringle
Cinematography : Brian McKenzie  
Editing : Ken Sallows
Music : Craig Jansson & Mark D’Angelo
Production : Ian Pringle, Glenda Hambly
Cast : Tony Nikolakopoulos, Fletcher Humphrys, Jeremy Kewley, Danielle Carter



Introduced by Ray Argall
Melbourne Festival 2014

Alan Figg is a professional forger. He’s back in Brunswick after thirty years working in Europe. A thug, known as ‘The Croat’, gives Figg an ultimatum: Work for him ‘exclusively’ or be rubbed out. To buy time Figg instructs his assistant, Roy Rogers, to conduct business as usual. In the course of the next twenty-four hours a parade of clients passes through Figg’s office: A poncy academic who has embezzled two million dollars; a pathetic Everyman who has accidentally killed his son; a desperate Ethiopian refugee; a ballsy Ukrainian called Yussipova who deals in bank scams. Is one of them in cahoots with ‘The Croat’?


Ian pringle

He was born in Melbourne in 1951. He is a Melbourne based writer, director and producer, with a national and international profile. He started making films in 1978 and made his first feature, "The Plains of Heaven", in 1982. Then follow « Wrong World » (1985), « The Prisoner of St Petersburg » (1989) sélected in Cannes at Un Certain Regard and « Isabelle Eberhardt » (1991). Il has also produced the controversial film from Geoffrey Wright starring Russell Crowe « Romper Stomper » (1992). He has extensive experience as a Script Consultant for government film funding bodies, including Screen Australia, Film Victoria, the New South Wales Film and Television Office and Script Central based in Sydney. For the past eight years he has lectured at RMIT University.



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