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Directed by Nicolas Brikke & Chloé Ledoux

New Zealand-France / 2015 / 52 min / DCP /


Introduced by Nicolas Brikke & Chloé Ledoux

This film is part of a wider project called "A Sunday in..." looking at what brings people together on Sundays in different cities around the world, it will take you on a tiki tour around « the coolest little capital in the world ». It will take you to see how people meet and interact through volunteering as the average person in New Zealand donates far more of their time volunteering each day than any other country in the OECD. Through encounters with the Mayor of the City, the Minister of volunteering affairs, along with artists, community leaders and sociologists, this film aims to show what it takes to build a « pepole-centred citiy », a city with a soul. From Zealandia to Kaibosh and from rugby to civil defense, this film underlines the importance of connectedness in today’s society.


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