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Australia / 2015 / 90 min / DCP / colour / Comedy Drama

Director : Paul Ireland

Script : Damian Hill
Cinematography : Shelley Farthing-Dawe
Editing : Gary Woodyard
Music : Tristan Dewey, Tai Jordan
Production : Paul Ireland, Damian Hill
Cast : John Brumpton, Maeve Dermody, Damian Hill, Mark Coles Smith, Kerry Armstrong competfilm


Melbourne Festival 2015

Footscray with its motley mix of people and graffiti is a diverse and multicultural Melbourne suburb, the streets of which are bustling with the weirdest, but at the same time entirely ordinary people. On one such street, robust but goodhearted Les Underwood (John Brumpton) and his assistant Danny (Damian Hill), who has seen worse days, run a little pawnshop where the daily paths of various interesting citizens often cross. We will not learn to know all those characters, as there are too many of them, but we will see little fragments of their lives and pick up hints to their feelings and thoughts, worries and pleasures


Paul Ireland

Paul Ireland (born 1970) is a Scottish actor. After leaving Scotland, he moved to London, England for thirteen years before leaving the United Kingdom to move to Australia in 2009 where he currently resides. In 1995, Ireland acted in the West End of London at the Ambassadors Theatre in a theatrical adaptation of the novel, Trainspotting. During his career, Ireland has acted in numerous British television programmes such as Judge John Deed, The Bill, Midsomer Murders and Inspecteur Barnaby. In April 2011, he gained a role in Australian soap opera, Neighbours as Superintendent Duncan Hayes. He also acted  The Slap (2011), Outland (2012), Underbelly (2009-13), Jack Irish: Dead Point (2014) and feature films The Turning (2013), The Young Messiah (2016). In 2013, Ireland made a return appearance on Neighbours as Duncan Hayes. In 2015 he directed his first feature film Pawno.


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