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France / 2016 / 52 min / Digital

Director : Gilles Dagneau


Introduced by the director

In New Caledonia, films are few and far between. Since 1931, only four directors have ventured into making films: the first was Jean Mugeli, with his production Visions Australes shot in Lifou. Then in 1960, Georges Péclet took his cast and crew to Paris to shoot L'Espionne sera à Nouméa. In 1989, Marie-France Pisier returned to the world of her childhood to film Le Bal du Gouverneur. Then there was Mathieu Kassovitz, who spent ten years making a film on the events on Ouvéa Island, without ever being able to shoot on location. Films that have been unappreciated, misunderstood or censored; forgotten films and artistic or commercial failures… What we’re left with is four cinematic misadventures.


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