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pork pie

New Zealand / 2017 / 105 min / DCP / Comedy

Director : Matt Murphy

Script : Matt Murphy
Cinematography : Crighton Bone
Editing : Jonno Woodford-Robinson
Music : Jonathan Crayford
Production : Simon Mark-Brown

Cast : Dean O’Gorman, James Rolleston, Ashleigh Cummings, Antonia Prebble, Matt Whelan

Closing film

Jon is failing as a novelist, failing to pay the rent and has recently failed his one true love, Suzie. After washing up on a mate’s couch, he summons his blind optimism and sets off in a clapped-out old Holden to find Suzie. When that plan breaks down too, Jon’s left hitchhiking with nothing to his name. A zippy young man, Luke, takes pity and offers him a lift. The car he’s in (a new MINI Cooper S) appears to be stolen, and after escaping from a motorcycle cop, it’s clear Luke is not about to give it back. So begins an epic Kiwi road trip with Jon, a charming failure in almost all pursuits, Luke, an incredible driver escaping from his past in a stolen MINI, and Keira, a passionate vegan activist out to change the world.


Matt Murphy

Matt Murphy has filmmaking in his blood and has been around film sets since his father directed the original Goodbye Pork Pie when he was a teenager in 1980. After a period art directing on films, dramas and ads in his 20s, Matt became a successful and award-winning commercial director. Pork Pie is his directorial debut on a feature film.


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