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New Zealand / 2015 / 85 min / DCP / Colour / War

Director : Leanne Pooley

Script : Leanne Pooley, Tim Woodhouse
Storyboard : Raymond McGrath
Editing : Tim Woodhouse
Music : David Long
Production : Matthew Metcalfe

Cast : Tainui Tukiwaho, Andrew Grainger, Chelsie Preston Crayford


Annecy Festival 2016

25 April is an innovative feature documentary created to bring the story of the New Zealand experience at Gallipoli (Turkey) to life for a modern audience through a re-imagined world. Using graphic novel-like animation, 25 April brings First World War experiences out of the usual black-and-white archive pictures and into vibrant, dynamic colour. Weaving together animated “interviews” based on the diaries, letters and memoirs of six people who were actually there, the film tells the compelling and heart-wrenching tale of war, friendship, loss and redemption using the words of those who experienced it.


Leanne Pooley

Leanne Pooley is one of New Zealand’s most accomplished documentary filmmakers having directed over 20 films including "25 April" (2015), "Beyond the Edge" (2013), "Topp Twins - Untouchable Girls" (2009). She has worked for many of the world's major broadcasters including the BBC, Channel 4, Discovery, National Geographic and PBS. Pooley’s documentaries have screened in more than 100 countries and include topics ranging from rugby to the Pope. Her feature films have won over 30 international awards including the People's Choice Award for Documentary at the Toronto International Film Festival. In 2011 Leanne’s work was recognised by the New Zealand Arts Foundation and she was made a New Zealand Arts Laureate.


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