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Australia / 2015 / 100 min / DCP / colour / Road Movie

Director : Sue Brooks

Script : Sue Brooks
Cinematography : Katie Milwright
Editing : Peter Carrodus
Music : Elizabeth Drake
Production : Lizzette Atkins, Sue Taylor, Alison Tilson
Cast : Richard Roxburgh, Radha Mitchell, Odessa Young, Terry Norris, Julia Blake competfilm


Venice Film Festival 2015

Grace (Odessa Young), 16, runs away from home. Her parents, Dan (Richard Roxburgh) and Denise (Radha Mitchell), head off on the road to across the Western Australian wheat belt with a retired detective, Norris (Terry Norris), to try and get her back. But life unravels faster than they can put it back together. Grace, Dan and Denise learn that life is confusing and arbitrary, but wonderful. ”Looking For Grace” is about how we make sense of the mess of our lives and what it all means. It is a wry drama about lies, secrets, small and large griefs and love.


Sue Brooks

Born in 1953 in Pyramid Mill (Australia), Sue Brooks is graduated from the Australian Film Television and Radio School. She directed TV series and short films then she shot in 1997 her first feature Road to Nhill. In 2003, she directed Japanese Story and showed in Un Certain Regard in Cannes Film Festival. She directed also Subdivision in 2009 and Looking for Grace in 2015.


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