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Australia-New Zealand / 2015 / 2x52 min / BR / Colour / Anticipation

Director : Wayne Blair

Script : Ryan Griffen, Michael Miller, Jon Bell, Jane Allen
Cinematography : Mark Wareham
Editing : Simon Price, Peter Roberts
Music : Dave Whitehead
Production :  Rosemary Blight, Ryan Griffen, Angela Littlejohn

Cast : Iain Glen, Frances O’Connor, Hunter Page-Lochard, Rob Collins


Série Mania 2015

In a near future, mutants are trying to survive in an Australia that has ostracized them. Tracked, exploited, and even killed by humans, they have no alternative than to live in hiding. Two enemy brothers must fight together against the oppression in this politically-charged series that turns to a dystopian setting to denounce the situation of the Aboriginal community.


Wayne Blair

Wayne is a butchala man hailing from Queensland. He has been prolific in theatre, film and television in the last 15 years. Highlights from his stage career have been Othello for Bell Shakespeare and Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s direction of True West. He has directed, written and acted in the TV series Redfern Now and directed the Sapphires (Official Selection Out of Competition, Cannes Film festival 2012) and most recently Septembers of Shiraz with Adrien Brody and Salma Hayek as the leads. He has directed the series Cleverman for the ABC.


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