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New Zealand / 2016 / 108 min/ DCP / colour / Drama

Directors : Andrea Bosshard & Shane Loader

Script : Andrea Bosshard
Cinematography : Alun Bollinger, Waka Attewell
Editing : Annie Collins
Musique : Plan 9
Production : Andrea Bosshard, Shane Loader, Jeremy Macey, Isobel Mebus
Cast : Miriama McDowell, Renee Lyons, KC Kelly, Barnie Duncan, Carl Drake competfilm


European Premiere

Two first-time single mothers, the younger one, the working-class, loner Bunny (Miriama McDowell), is a taxi-driver and girl racer, the other Aila (Renee Lyons), an older single first-time mother, a failed classical pianist, a gardener and lover of old roses, whose own much wanted baby is about to undergo major heart surgery and may not survive the journey, share a room in a post-natal ward after the birth of their babies. A precarious friendship develops between the two, and as they face the challenges of new motherhood, they must also confront their pasts and face the truth of the paternity of their newborn babies.


Shane Loader & Andrea Bosshard

They have worked together as a filmmaking partnership since 1985, counterbalancing their differing strengths in writing, directing, editing and producing to make a wide range of short and medium length dramas and documentaries. In 1988, they were invited by documentary filmmakers Alister Barry and Russell Campbell to join Vanguard Films. And in 2008, they established Torchlight Films under the umbrella of the Community Media Trust.They are developing a model of filmmaking that takes advantage of the new digital technologies to create a financially sustainable, low-budget but professional film practice that is prolific, vigorous, independent and above all, relevant to our society — stories that are contemporary, multi-cultural, cross-generational and which address the issues which affect us all. They have been particularly inspired by the films of British director Mike Leigh (Life Is Sweet, Secrets and Lies, All or Nothing) and the new Scandinavian cinema which was re-shaped and invigorated by the Danish Dogme ’95 group (The Celebration, Brothers, Together, As It Is in Heaven). Their filmography include Taking the Waewae Express (2008), Hook, Line and Sinker (2011), The Great Maiden's Blush (2016), Kobi Bosshard (2017, documentary - in post-production)

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