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Australia / 2015 / 123 min / DCP / colour / Road Movie

Director: Jeremy Sims

Script : Reg Cribb, Jeremy Sims
Cinematography : Steve Arnold ACS
Editing : Marcus D’Arcy
Music : Ed Kuepper
Production : Greg Duffy, Lisa Duff, Jeremy Sims
Cast : Michael Caton, Ningali Lawford-Wolf, Mark Coles Smith, Emma Hamilton, Jacki Weaver competfilm


Cannes Ecrans Séniors Award 2016

Rex, a Broken Hill cab driver, has spent his life avoiding getting close to people. Even his best friend and occasional lover Polly, who lives across the road, is kept at distance. One day, he discovers he is dying. He doesn't want to be forced to rely on anyone, least of all Polly, so he decides to leave his home and drive alone the 3000kms across the continent to Darwin, where he believe he can be in control of his own death. But on this epic journey he meets people who force him to re-evaluate his life. He begins to realise that a life not shared is a life not lived. Sadly it seems wisdom has come too late, until Polly finally gives Rex the courage to act.


Jeremy Sims

He was born in 1966 in Perth, Western Australia. He graduated from Australia's National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) with a degree in Performing Arts (Acting). As an actor he was in Idiot Box (1996), Ned (2003), Fireflies (2004), The Waiting City (2009), Dangerous Remedy (2012), Ruben Guthrie (2015). He is an actor and director. He directed Last train To Freo (2006), Beneath Hill 60 (Commandos de l'ombre) (2010) and Last cab To Darwin (2015).


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