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Australia-Singapore / 2013 / 84 min / DCP / colour / War

Director : Aaron Wilson

Script : Aaron Wilson
Cinematography : Stefan Duscio
Editing : Cindy Clarkson
Sound :  Nic Buchanan, Rodney Lowe
Production : Katrina Fleming, Aaron Wilson, Mabelyn Ow
Cast : Khan Chittenden, Mo Tzu-Yi, Yoshi Yamamoto, Robert Menzie

Introduced by Aaron Wilson

Singapore, February 9, 1942. The Japanese invasion is underway. Jim, an Australian airman, wakes up dangling from a tree by his parachute strings, somewhere in the middle of a vast wilderness overrun by hostile forces. Jim must fend for himself — until he literally runs into a Singapore-Chinese resistance fighter, Seng, who has also been injured and is also lost. The men realize that their only hope of surviving lies with each other. Canopy is an extraordinary cinematic experience. There is no exposition, no politics, no conventional character development. Just these two men, this jungle, and this desperate struggle to make it through, resulting in a film that is moment-by-moment enthralling, acutely attuned to the natural world, and never without desperate forward movement. Fascinating.


Aaron Wilson

Born in rural Australia, Aaron has made numerous short films with a minimalist approach to narrative and passion for understated human drama. His films include « Rendez-vous » (2003), « Ten Feet Tall » (2005), « Wind (Feng) » (2007), « Faux Pas » (2007), « Leap Year » (2008) et « Ahmad’s Garden » (2008). In 2006, he took part in a filmmaker residency programme with Objectifs Centre for Filmmaking & Photography in Singapore, where he developed the script for his debut feature film.




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