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Australia / 1991 / 81 min / Digital / Animation


Director : Yoram Gross

Script : Yoram Gross, Leonard Lee, John Palmer
Editing : Rod Hay
Music : Guy Gross
Production : Yoram Gross



A young and beautiful orphan lives between a monster of a step- mother and two horrible half-sisters. One day she learns that her grandmother is alive and that she has got a secret that could change her life. Dressed in a red riding hood she leaves, she stumbles across her stepmother dressed as a wolf. Befriends seven dwarfs, Pinocchio and goes through many more adventures before meeting a beautiful prince at a ball.

Yoram Gross

Australian director and producer of animated films for children, he was born in Krakow in Poland in 1928. He directed amongst others, the famous series « Blinky Bill » and « Dot the Kangaroo »




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