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Australia / 2011 / 87 min / DCP / colour / Thriller

Director : Craig Lahiff

Script : Craig Lahiff
Cinematography : David Foreman
Editing : Sean Lahiff
Music : Paul Grabowsky
Production : Craig Lahiff, Helen Leake
Cast : Jason Clarke, Emma Booth, Travis McMahon, Vince Colosimo, Roy Billin




Driving cross-country to a job interview, Colin plays it safe when he has car problems and takes a short cut to a one horse town. But as luck would have it, he comes across a fatal road accident. One of the drivers, Jina, is shaken, the other dead and beside him, a briefcase full of money. When Colin resists temptation and does the right thing, turning it into the local cop, his good deed causes a series of fateful events to unfold.

Craig Lahiff

Scriptwriter, director and Producer, Craig Lahiff was born in 1947 in Adelaide. In 1978 he started his career with the short film « Novelty Man », he then worked in television before his nomination at AFI Awards for « Fever ». He then directed « Strangers », « Ebbtide », «  Heaven’s Burning », « Black and White » and in 2011 «Swerve ». He died at the beginning of 2014.




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