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New Zealand / 1984 / 89 min / DCP / colour / Comedy Drama

Director : Vincent Ward

Script : Vincent Ward , Graeme Tetley
Cinematography : Alun Bollinger
Editing : Simon Reece
Music : Jack Body
Production : John Maynard
Cast : Fiona Kay, Penelope Stewart, Frank Whitten, Bill Kerr, Gordon Shields

In compettion, Cannes Film Festival 1984, Cinéma des Antipodes Selection, Cannes Cinéphiles 2014



Her father is dead. Isolated and alone in the broken hills, a young girl watches an intruder enter her world. He moves in with her mother. On the brink of puberty she feels a growing tension, knowing, she must defend her valley. She must remove him.

Vincent Ward

New Zealand director, scriptwriter and painter, he was born in Greytown. His documentary « In Spring One Plants Alone » won the Grand Prix du Cinéma Réel in Paris in 1982 which was the starting point for « Rain of the Children » (2008). His first long feature « Vigil » was the first New Zealand film in competition at Cannes Film Festival.  He also directed « The Navigator », « Cœur de Métisse », « Au-delà de nos rêves » and « River Queen ».

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