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Australia / 2014 / 45 min / Digital

Director : Philip McLaren

Introduced by Philip McLaren

I am a storyteller - Federico Fellini.

In the telling of a story is there an obligation, an unwritten contract placed on an author to represent cultures other than one’s own, in an authentic manner? Do audiences assume portrayals presented by filmmakers to be true? Cinematic Storytelling provides us with a look at examples from six very different films beginning in the silent era that feature Indigenous Australians. In recent times many films have emerged that have been written, produced and directed by Aboriginal people. But we are concerned here with productions done by non-Aboriginals. Trooper O’Brien (1928) / Uncivilised (1936) / Jedda (1955) / Walkabout (1971) / Blackfellas (1993) / How Art Made the World (2005)


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