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Australia / 2015 / 76 + 44 min / Digital / War

Director : Glendyn Ivin

Script : Christopher Lee
Cinematography : Germain McMicking
Editing : Deborah Peart
Music : Stephen Rae
Production : John Edwards, Imogen Banks, Robert Connolly
Cast : Kodi Smit-McPhee, Harry Greenwood, Nicholas Hope, Travis Jeffery



Série Mania 2015

The story is centres on 17-year-old Thomas "Tolly" Johnson who exaggerates his age so he may enlist with his brother Bevan and ends up fighting at Gallipoli in the campaign that helped create the Anzac legend. The story depicts the ten-month campaign in Turkey, highlighting the landing on 25 April 1915 by ANZAC troops who go into battle on the Gallipoli Peninsula. Landing in the dark, Tolly, Bevan, and their fellow soldiers of the 4th Battalion endeavor to establish a defensible foothold beneath the treacherous slopes of the peninsula.


Glendyn Ivin

Born in Australia in 1971, he first worked as a graphic artist before taking up film studies at the Victorian College of the Arts, School of Film and Television in Melbourne. He directed some shorts including "Neverland", "Cracker Bag" who received the Palme d'Or at Cannes Film Festival 2003, "Desert" (2006). Since 2000 he has been a director at Exit Films a commercial production company. In 2009, He directed his first feature "Last Ride". He also directed TV Series including "Offspring" (2010), "Puberty Blues" (2012-14), "The Beautiful Lie" (2015), "Gallipoli" (2015).



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