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EXHIBITION Raphaële Tolron « Terres Familières »

"Terres Familières", photographies by Raphaële Tolron

Salle Jean Despas, Place des Lices october 12-16  2015


We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time
Four Quartets - T S Eliot

« The photographs that compose the exhibition Familiar Lands speak of echoing and resonance. I’ve lived 5 years in New Caledonia as a child, the Pacific is part of who I am. My desire is to celebrate the encounters and exchanges that took place under the Southern Cross while travelling in Australia and New-Zealand, whether those encounters dealt with fellow beings or sacred places. Here, photography means to be a vector an active tool in the hands of a traveller gone on a seeking journey, looking for a singular path, a means of expression that mirrors the boundless freedom within oneself, at the very heart of one’s being, when addressing a story, a sensitivity, a uniqueness. »
Raphaële Tolron was born in Bordeaux in 1984, she has lived most of her life in France. A degree in Communication Studies at the University of Avignon then a technical degree in TV and Movie Editing  in Toulouse brought her to Paris where worked in several positions TV and film-making. After revolving around images and their fabrication, she attended a photography training program at the Paris Gobelins School in 2011. Having enough material in her hands and after several journeys in the South Pacific and other parts of the world, she turned to exhibiting. 2015 also marks the start of an Art-Therapy Program she has decided to follow. At the heart of that de




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