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last dance




Australia / 2012 / 85 min / DCP / colour / Drama

Director : David Pulbrook
Script : Terence Hammond and David Pulbrook
Cinematography : Lee Pulbrook
Editing : Phil Reid
Music : Michael Allen
Production : Antony I. Ginnane
Cast : Julia Blake, Firass Dirani, Alan Hopgood, Danielle Carter

Ecran Sénior Award, Cannes Cinéphiles, Cannes Festival 2013


“Last Dance” follows the story of Sadiq Mohammad (Firass Dirani), a young radical Palestinian who, after fleeing from a failed suicide bombing of a synagogue, holds holocaust survivor Ulah Lippmann (Julia Blake) hostage , in her apartment. Desperately wounded, Sadiq hides in Ulah’s flat, planning his next move. As the police close in, Sadiq and Ulah are forced to confront their own pasts as their present collide.
Taut and confronting, “Last Dance” is a drama torn from today’s headlines but remains as universal as the human condition. It touches on issues of ideology, faith, freedom and oppression, but is also about the power of compassion and is, ultimately, the story of family and a mother's love.



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