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New Zealand / 2013 / 98 min / DCP / colour / Drama

Director : Mark Albiston, Louis Sutherland
Script : Mark Albiston, Louis Sutherland
Cinematography : Ginny Loane
Editing : Annie Collins
Music : Grayson Gilmour
Production : Sarah Shaw, Anna McLeish
Cast : Kevin Paulo, Julian Dennison, Jacek Koman, Alistair Browning

14+ Jury Grand Prix, Berlin Festival 2013


New Zealand, 1981, an awkward time for immigrants from the Pacific islands. The police are far from friendly and the population is largely hostile. He is a 'coconut', meaning brown outside and white inside because he has a Samoan mother and a white New Zealander father. Local boys won't have anything to do with him and he doesn't really belong to the Samoan community either. Willie finds little support at home. His father is irascible and his mother often helpless. Willie's little brother Solomon, who is a bit of a dreamer, is Willie's only comfort. Things begin to look up for Willie when the charismatic boss of a gang of notorious 'shoppers' decides to take him under his wing. Willie now has cash and sports sunglasses and a leather jacket. But can he leave his little brother at home alone?



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