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fatal honeymoon




Australia - USA / 2013 / 94 min / DCP / Thriller

Director : Nadia Tass
Script : Mac Gudgeon, Teena Booth
Cinematography : David Parker
Editing : Gary Woodyard
Music : Robert J. Kral, Robert Upward
Production : David Parker
Cast : Harvey Keitel, Amber Clayton, Billy Miller, Gary Sweet

Introduced by Nadia Tass


Tina and Gabe go for a honeymoon in Australia. But the newlyweds' dream holiday soon turns into a nightmare: Tina drowns while scuba diving near the Great Barrier Reef. Detective Gary Campbell doesn't believe it was an accident. His suspicion is reinforced by the fact that Gabe is not consistent in his statements. With the help of Tina's father, who suspects his son-in-law to have killed his daughter, Campbell finally charges Gabe with murder. However the latter, soon nicknamed « The Honeymoon Killer » by the press, never ceases to claim his innocence…
From the U.S.A. to Australia, we follow Harvey Keitel on his quest for the truth about his beloved daughter’s death in a film based on unsettling real-life events that is also a fine portrait of a father who is lost and shaken, but nonetheless strong and determined, and ultimately deeply moving.



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