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Indonesia / 2013 / 110 min / DCP / colour / Romantic comedy

Directors : Marcella Zalianty, Rachel Maryam, Olga Lidya, Happy Salma, Cathy Sharon
Script : Yosof Munthaha
Cinematography : Yadi Sugandhi
Editing : Cesa David Luckmansyah, Ryan Purwoko
Music : Ricky Lionardi
Production : Marcella Zalianty , Eko Kristianto, Pricillia Tanamal
Cast : Lukman Sardi, Prisia Nasution, Dewi Irawan

With the help from East West Synergy


“Rectoverso” is an omnibus of five stories, adapted from best selling short stories book and music of Dewi “Dee” Lestari, directed by five first time women directors, whose careers are in front of the camera. Each film tells the story of a romance blossoming within, but in a world that seems indifferent. The first one, "Angel Knows", is the story of an autistic man who has feelings towards another.  In the supernatural-themed "Premonition", Senja experiences premonitions about those around him. "Lizard on the Wall" and "Stories for My Best Friend" both concern friendships that blossom into romances, but each story has its own complications. The final story, "It’s Only a Sign", is a tale of a traveller’s romance.



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