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the red house




New Zealand / 2012 / 75 min / DCP / Comedy drama
Director : Alyx Duncan
Script : Alyx Duncan
Cinematography :  Francisco Rodriguez, Chris Pryor, Aline Tran, Alyx Duncan
Editing : Daniel Strang
Music: David Long
Production : Alyx Duncan
Cast : Lee Stuart, Meng Jia Stuart

Introduced by Alyx Duncan


The Red House is a story about the endurance of love in the face of cultural upheaval, environmental neglect, and the universal process of aging. Lee and Jia are a couple in their sixties still deeply in love after twenty years. But when Jia has to return to her homeland to care for her aging parents, the physical traces of their years together are packed away. Their future together suddenly seems fragile. Jia finds the ancient city of her memories replaced by a disposable, fast-paced lifestyle. On his arrival Lee also feels lost in this foreign land. As the family crisis escalates, the couple strives to reconcile the uneasy balance of their love.



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