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Director : Christopher Smith

Australia / 2009 / 99 min / Digital / colour / Thriller

Script : Christopher Smith
Cinematography : Robert Humphreys
Editing : Stuart Gazzard
Music : Christian Henson
Production : Julie Baines, Chris Brown, Jason Newmark
Cast : Melissa George, Michael Dorman, Henry Nixon, Emma Lung

"Triangle" is a dark thriller concerning a group of young friends who become trapped in the Bermuda Triangle. Driving to the local harbor to go yachting with friends, Jess hits a seagull and pays little mind to the bloody mess. Her friend Greg owns a luxury yacht, and all she can think about is soaking up sun as they hit the open water. Swept into the Bermuda Triangle by a freak storm, the friends spot a passing ocean liner and climb aboard. They thought they'd been saved, but there isn't a soul to be found on the massive cruise ship. Later, as Jess begins to experience a disturbing twinge of deja vu, the terror intensifies when an unseen assailant begins methodically dispatching the frightened seafarers.


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