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Surviving Georgia

Director : Sandra Sciberras & Kate Whitbread

Australia / 2010 / 90 min / BetaSp / colour / comedy

Script : Sandra Sciberras
Cinematography : Jon Webb
Editing : Cindy Clarkson
Music : Brett Aplin
Production : Spencer McLaren, Kate Whitbread
Cast : Pia Miranda, Holly Valance, Spencer McLaren, Caroline O'Connor, Shane Jacobson

Introduced by Sandra Sciberras

When we meet sisters Heidi and Rose they are making their way through life in unassuming ways. Heidi works at the local glass factory where she remains obstinately single, seemingly oblivious to the amorous yearnings of her shy supervisor, whilst sister and single mother Rose moves from boarding house to boarding house towing her warm and cheerful son Albie. They both appear to have come to terms with the pivotal event of their adolescence... being abandoned twelve years ago by their flamboyant, man-hungry, impulsive and intemperate mother Georgia. That's until one day identical pink letters arrive. They are told that their mother has passed away, leaving them a Milk Bar in their home-town as an inheritance, but only if they agree to return there and live together for six months.


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