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Director : Belinda Chayko

Australia / 2010 / 82 min/ 35 mm / colour / Comedy Drama

Script : Belinda Chayko
Cinematography : Hugh Miller
Editing : Denise Haratzis
Music : Glenn Richards
Production : Tony Ayres, Helen Bowden, Belinda Chayko, Michael McMahon
Cast : John Hurt, Lily Bell-Tindley, Emily Barclay, Jay Ryan, Damien Garvey

Introduced by Belinda Chayko

Eleven-year-old Lou’s life was instantly turned upside down when her father walked out on her mother and two sisters ten months earlier. Feeling abandoned, she copes by building a tough shell around her heart – afraid to let anyone hurt her again. Lou blames her mother for her father’s departure and refuses to let her get close. Life suddenly becomes more interesting when her estranged grandfather moves in to the family’s rickety, rented home.


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