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Les Contes des animaux

Director : Lucinda Clutterbuck

Australia / 2003 / 45 min / 35 mm / colour / French Audio / Animation

Stories and Poems : Charlotte Clutterbuck
Editing : Ray Argall, Harriet Clutterbuck
Music : Burkhard Dalwitz, David Chesworth, Rose Pearse, John C White, Paul Schutze
Production : Ray Argall, Lucinda Clutterbuck, Fiona Eagger


Introduced by Lucinda Clutterbuck

“Les Contes des Animaux” is a series of animated films about animals facing extinction, such as the panda, the gorilla, the wolf and the Tasmanian tiger. Developed with the help of experts from Australia's leading zoos, this ecological fable presents a poetic look at environmental problems and the earth's survival. Although the animation techniques differ from one episode to another, all are clearly of a high professional standard. Such techniques include the use of the Rotoscope for the wolf, the panda and the rattlesnake, as first illustrated by Disney.  The gorilla series includes extensive use of colour photographs. For both young and old, this animated film examines minimalist portraiture in order to preserve the magic of the image and allow our imaginations to do the rest.


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