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Love Birds

Director : Paul Murphy

New Zealand / 2011 / 101 min / 35 mm / colour / comedy

Script : Nick Ward
Cinematography: Alun Bollinger
Editing : Chris Plummer
Music : Plan 9
Production : Matthew Metcalfe, Alan Harris, Karl Zohrab
Cast : Rhys Darby, Sally Hawkins, Bryan Brown, Emily Barclay

Doug’s happy and predictable life falls to pieces when his long-term girlfriend Susan suddenly dumps him early one morning. Shattered, he cannot imagine moving on in life, but when an injured Paradise Shelduck crash-lands on his roof Doug can no longer feel sorry for himself and is compelled to nurse the Shelduck back to health. This leads him on an amazing, but unanticipated adventure and starts him on the rocky road to true love. In the expedition to find help for his new feathered friend, Doug is lead to animal specialist and busy single mother Holly. And as the story progresses, Doug’s finds his life has almost overnight become richer and more rewarding, yet more complicated at the same time. He has to take the Duck with him everywhere!


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