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romeo and juliet : a love song




New Zealand / 2013 / 97 min / DCP / colour / Musical

Director : Tim Van Dammen
Script : M. O'Neill, P. Van Der Fluit, T. Van Dammen adapted from Shakespeare
Cinematography : Tim Flower
Editing : Jonathan Woodford-Robinson
Music : Michael A.J. O'Neill, Peter Van Der Fluit
Production :  Alastair Carruthers, M. O'Neill, P. Van Der Fluit, T. Van Dammen
Cast : Christopher Landon, Derya Parlak, Cameron Rhodes, Sarah Valentine, Dallas Barnett

Introduced by Tim Van Dammen & Alastair Carruthers


Every generation reinvents Romeo and Juliet in a way that strikes a chord with its peculiar sensibilities, experiences and outlook. This, then, is Romeo and Juliet for the YouTube generation, a film that plays off the wide-ranging tastes of youth accustomed to taking the glamorous with the grimy, the comic with the tragic, the beautiful with the freakish and the venal with the elevated.



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