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New Zealand / 2014 / 93 min / DCP / Music

Director : Himiona Grace

Script : Himiona Grace
Cinematography : Rewa Harre
Editing : Simon Price
Music : Warren Maxwell
Production : Ainsley Gardiner, Mina Mathieson

Cast : Francis Kora (Danny),  Matariki Whatarau (Tau), Tola Newbery (Cityboy), Juanita Hepi (Puti), Roimata Fox (Jo)

The Pā Boys follows a Māori reggae band from Wellington all the way to Cape Reinga. On the roads of Aotearoa-New Zealand, the boys go on a journey for their roots and identity and the quest is both musical and personal. It is a story about life, death and music, with the prerequisite number of laughs and good vibes that capture the best of NZ talent, landscape and music. Danny struggles to feel like he belongs. Tau on the other hand knows his history, his culture, and his place. But with that knowledge comes a burden. Their travels expose them to a spiritual history where unresolved events from the past must be confronted.


Himiona Grace

Himiona Grace (Ngāti Toa, Ngāti Porou) learnt about filmmaking at Wellington’s legendary Pacific Films. Former poutakawaenga (Māori liaison officer) at the Film Archive, Himiona Grace has composed music for a variety of shorts and television programmes; the longtime photographer has also won awards for his stills. The Pā Boys that he wrote and directed is his first feature film. He is the son of the great writer Patricia Grace.


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