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Jane Campion ((c) Pathé Renn Productions - Screen Australia)

France / 2022 / 99 min / DCP

Director: Julie Bertuccelli

Production : Les films du poisson, Arte, Uccelli production

ARTE premiere
Opening film


The filmmaker Julie Bertuccelli (Since Otar Left, The Tree, School of Babel, Lastest News from the Cosmos...) signs the documentary Jane Campion, the cinema woman, a magnificent portrait of a woman director presented at the Cannes Film Festival 2022 in the Cannes Classics selection. Putting Jane Campion's word in the foreground and relying on excerpts from her films and rich archives, the documentary traces the exceptional career of the New Zealander and explores with her her creative process, while questioning the difficulties of existing as a woman in the film industry. The first woman to wiń the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival, for her first short film Peel (1986), then for The Piano Lesson (1993), Jane Campion has often been able to enthuse and upset audiences and critics. She has also sometimes surprised, disconcerted́ and even annoyed. Eclectic, irreverent, provocative, Jane Campion has always walked far from the beaten path, without necessarily seeking to please, and dug the furrow of a radically personal sensibility. From the shockwave created on the Croisette by her first feature film Sweetie (1989), to the Oscar-winning The Power of the Dog (2021), via her cult series Top of the Lake (2013, 2017), Jane Campion has known how to innovate and reinvent herself constantly, even if it means blurring the lines or even disappearing for a few years to devote herself to her family life, only to better reappear where she is not expected. From these forty years of life as a woman, emerges the exceptional career of a major filmmaker, an inventor of forms, a tireless curiosity, a pioneer who has paved the way for many other women filmmakers since, and imprinted the history of cinema with her unique imagination.

 Photo : (c) Pathé Renn Productions - Screen Australia

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