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the lies we tell ourselves

Australia / 2023 / 90 min / DCP / Documentary Comedy

Director : Saara Lamberg

Script & Editing: Saara Lamberg
Music : Charly Harrison
Seller : James Glenn Dudelson
Production : Saara Lamberg & Colin Donald, Rhiannon Jorgensen, Janet Watson Kruse

Cast : Saara Lamberg, David Farrington, Heidi Salander, Ezel Doruk, Samantha Greenwood, John Couper-smartt, Andy Hazel, Gérard Darmon, Judi Beecher, Jamie Lee-Hill, Jane Badler

Cannes Cinéphiles 2023
Introduced by Saara Lamberg

Life imitates Art and Art imitates Life. An eccentric director travels to Cannes Film Festival, Berlin, German countryside, New Caledonia, Australia, England to create her latest art house film and has to negotiate many hurdles. From promoters that try and make her sleep with the "right people", to washed up stars that have ridiculous requests, from make-up artists become coke dealers, to uninvited naked auditions, her artist's path is never boring. An atypical, strange, funny, and self-deprecating film.

Saara Lamberg

Finnish Australian Saara Lamberg is a director, actor, writer and producer. She has received several awards for her work, including Bronze prize at the Beverly Hills screenplay contest (Hollywood 2013), Best Actor at Comfy Shorts (Melbourne 2014), Best Drama at the
Connect Film Festival (Melbourne 2014) and Best Actor (Lithuania 2004). She lived in England 2006-2010 and studied in the critically acclaimed Dartington College of Arts, graduating with a BA (HONS) degree in Theatre and Choreographic Practices in 2007. She moved to Melbourne in January 2010 and received a Distinguished Talent Permanent Residency in 2012 and citizenship in 2014. Having made five short films previously, Innuendo is her first feature. She wrote, directed and produced the film in which she plays the lead. Westermack Effect is her second feature film. Her third film The Lies We Tell Ourselves have had its World Premiere at Cannes Cinéphiles 2023.

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