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seriously red

Australia / 2022 / 98 min / DCP / Comedy

Director : Gracie Otto

Script : Krew Boylan
Cinematography : Toby Oliver
Editing : Kate Hickey, Deborah Peart
Music : Cezary Skubiszewski
Production : Jessica Carrera, Robyn Kershaw, Sonia Borella, Timothy White
Seller : Arclight

Cast : Krew Boylan (Red), Daniel Webber (Kenny), Rose Byrne (EP), Wayne Blair (Lionel), Celeste Barber (Teeth), Bobby Cannavale (Wilson)

Melbourne International Film Festival 2022

Red is a redhead, lively and funny but who has little self-confidence. She works in a real estate agency but her real passion is Dolly Parton whom she studies, imitates and who obsesses her. After several years of this career in real estate, Red is at a turning point in her life, ready to embark on an adventure, that of show business with a Dolly Parton impersonation show alongside a Kenny Rogers double. in a drag queen and impersonators club, presided over by Elvis Presley. A flamboyant and irresistible comedy.

Gracie Otto

Gracie Otto is an accomplished Australian filmmaker and a graduate of Sydney Film School. Filmmaking is in her DNA - as a member of the Otto family of actors she has spent her life around creatives from all walks of life. She has directed numerous documentaries (“The Last Impresario”, “Under the Volcano”), short films (La même nuit, Desert Dash), TV series (Bump, The Other Guy, The Clearing) and commercials. Gracie is also in the process of filming a long-term personal documentary, Otto on Otto, based on her relationship with her 80-year-old father, legendary Australian actor Barry Otto. "Seriously Red" is her first feature film.

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