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Salle Jean Despas, Place des Lices, october 9-15, 2017

«Aboriginal Dreaming» – Contemporary Aboriginal Art of Australia

Exposition Lorna Photo Red Dunes Gallery with the courtesy of Papunya
«Aboriginal Dreaming» – Contemporary Aboriginal Art of Australia

This exhibition is an invitation to discover the expression of an ancestral culture through a selection of paintings sourced from different Aboriginal art centres situated in the Central Desert of Australia. Aboriginal contemporary art is a testimony of the artists’ spiritual ties to their ancestors and their ‘country’, and constantly fascinates us with its variety of styles and colours. These paintings illustrate the cultural richness of the Aboriginal people, who, despite the trauma of the past, remain strong and campaign actively for their recognition in today’s Australian society.


Exposition Tatali Napurrula Photo Red Dunes Gallery with the courtesy of PapunyaBorn in Australia to French parents and having lived there for twenty years, I have always felt a deep connection to this fascinating country, to its incredibly diverse nature and its wide-open spaces. I was naturally led to discover Aboriginal art and culture about ten years ago, a discovery that became a passion ever since. I have been now living permanently in France and I travel regularly to Aboriginal communities in the desert where I have the opportunity to meet artists and collect artworks I have an immense pleasure to showcase in France.


Céline Emery-Demion, Gallery owner, Red Dunes Gallery

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