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Roborovski - Tilda Cobham-Hervey & Dev Patel (14’)
Ayaan - Alies Sluiter (17’)
Idol - Alex Wu (19’)
Groundhog Night - Genevieve Clay-Smith & Rawley Reynolds (16’)
Elders - Tony Briggs (9’)
Skewwhiff - Robin Summons  (12')
The Egg - Jane Cho (10’)


roborovskiROBOROVSKI - Tilda Cobham-Hervey & Dev Patel 2019 - 14’ - DCP (AUS)
In a pet store, a dejected Roborovski hamster who just wants a forever home takes matters into its own hands…




ayaanAYAAN - Alies Sluiter 2020 - 17’ - DCP (AUS)
An escaped asylum seeker encounters a man on a rural beach, and must decide whether to trust him, or attempt the 400 km journey to the nearest city on foot and alon



idolIDOL - Alex Wu 2019 - 19’ - DCP (AUS)
A young Chinese celebrity is called into an emergency meeting after a fan of his commits suicide.




groundhog nightGROUNDHOG NIGHT - Genevieve Clay-Smith & Rawley Reynolds 2020 - 16’ - DCP (AUS)
For carer Gary, moving on and keeping his family together isn't always easy. Tensions run high when his late wife's parents arrive unannounced after he brings home a date.




eldersELDERS - Tony Briggs 2019 - 9’ - DCP (AUS)
As a young boy becomes of age, two elders from his tribe decide that it’s time to test his cultural knowledge and send him off into the bush by himself.




skewwhiffSKEWWHIFF - Robin Summons 2018 – 12’ – DCP (AUS)
An elderly man insists on granting his wife's wish of taking their car through a drive-thru car wash.




 the eggTHE EGG - Jane Cho 2019 - 10’ - DCP (AUS)
During her depressing visits with her elderly, immigrant babysitter, a young girl becomes obsessed with a delicious-looking Easter Egg.




PROGRAM 2 - 77 min
If I quit now - Luke Wissell (9’)
Where Rosemary goes - Kathleen Hrayssi (13')
Fun Times - Matthew Victor Pastor (7')
The Haka - Isaac Lee 2021 (15’)
Daniel - Claire van Beek (19')
My Name is Mudju - Chantelle Murray (14’)

if i quit nowIF I QUIT NOW - Luke Wissell 2020 - 9’ - DCP (AUS)
Andrew's decision to quit the rehab program devastates the loyal new teen he's supposed to be mentoring.




where rosemary goesWHERE ROSEMARY GOES - Kathleen Hrayssi 2021 - 13’ - DCP (AUS
An elderly woman turns to a killer to save her daughter from an abusive husband. Is this desperation, or is she hiding something?




fun timesFUN TIMES - Matthew Victor Pastor 2020 – 7’ – DCP (AUS)
Sammy is a teenager with disenfranchised violent men all around him. Kate watches Sammy from across the hall of their commission flats.




the hakaTHE HAKA - Isaac Lee 2021 - 15’ - DCP (NZ)
During World War I, on Christmas Day, Maori and German soldiers came out of their trenches for a one-hour truce.




danielDANIEL - Claire van Beek 2019 - 19’ - DCP (NZ)
A young novice at an isolated convent is confronted with sudden desire in the wake of meeting a blue-tongued lizard.




my nameis mudjuMY NAME IS MUDJU - Chantelle Murray 2019 - 14’ - DCP (AUS)
In 1950s Australia, Mudju's daughter Munna has been kidnapped and placed in a foster home. Will Munna ever see Mudju again?






Australian Short Film Today (ASFT) is an international traveling roadshow demonstrating the talent of Australian filmmakers. The ASFT’s program is screened in four cities in the United States and four cities in Europe where the audience votes for the best short film.





Created as part of the celebrations of the bicentenary of the discovery of the Southern Lands by Captain Nicolas Baudin, the Nicolas Baudin Prize rewards an Australian or New Zealand short film. This year, it will be awarded by a jury made up of students from the Saint-Tropez region's high schools, among which the Lycée du Golfe de Saint-Tropez. One or several "chaperone(s)" - film and television industry professionals - will guide them. On the one hand, it is a fantastic opportunity for these young people to have an in-depth look at the work of aspiring directors, on the other hand, the perception of their films by a young audience is an interesting feedback for the Antipodean filmmakers themselves.


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