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2021, The Renaissance, Antipodean Cinema in Saint-Tropez


my first summer

La Renaissance, what a premonitory name, in this year 2021, for this mythical cinema on the famous Place des Lices in Saint-Tropez. But also what a beautiful symbol of the rebirth of cinema to its spectators and for the privileged ones who will be in Saint-Tropez from October 13 to 17, what a unique opportunity to discover the many nuggets of a cinema of the Antipodes rich in emotions, laughs, tears, love, wonder, violence and passion, travel, discoveries, in short, everything that makes up the richness of cinema, this delightful artistic abundance that reflects our lives, our dreams, our hopes and despairs.

And to launch this selection 2021 so eclectic, nothing less than the presentation, in opening and preview, of a beautiful and moving documentary, Alick and Albert, the result of the meeting between an artist from the Badu Island and a Prince. An exceptional screening, in the presence of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco. But you should also know that this 2021 edition has received the label Australia Now France 2021-2022, a celebration of Australia in France.  

Of course, you will find the Antipodes Juniors section and notably the short films competition which should also include the 2021 Australian Short Film Today program. And you will also find documentaries, classics, a double exhibition of photographs (Badu Island, An Expedition travelogue & The Secrets of "The Big Kitty"), a feature film jury and of course the passion of Antipodean Cinema.

But, let's say it, in a whisper, as if you were the privileged recipients of a secret, this 23rd edition of the Rencontres Internationales du Cinéma des Antipodes will give pride of place to first films, independent films, female directors and an assumed cinematographic eclecticism.


high ground

Laughter with The Big Kitty by Tom Alberts and Lisa Barmby, a parody of American film noir from the 1940s; love with My First Summer by Katie Found, a luminous immersion into the world of 16-year-old Claudia, between grief and the discovery of love; hope with Some Happy Day by Catherine Hill, the journey of a homeless woman, history of Australia with The Furnace by Roderick MacKay, adventures in the heart of Western Australia of a young Afghan camel driver, forced to flee into the outback in the company of a dangerous bushman, wandering with The Neon Across the Ocean by Matthew Pastor where in a near future post Covid-19, between Australia and the Philippines, a 17 year old girl has to face the divorce of her parents and a new love, again history of Australia with High Ground by Stephen M Johnson, one of the great Australian box-office successes of 2021, odyssey of a policeman, A former sniper in the First World War, who participated in the massacre of an Aboriginal tribe, and the tender Bellbird by Hamish Bennett, a warm, humorous and accurate film about a father and son, mute farmers in a small isolated area of New Zealand. Not to mention the beautiful and profound romantic comedy I met a girl in the presence of its director Luke Eve or the World Premiere of Pierre-Marie Hubert's documentary The Immortals of Tasmania in his presence.

We hope that these few indiscretions will make you want to travel with us, to the heart of the end of the world, to the Festival des Antipodes in Saint-Tropez, the city of the Bailli de Suffren, this village which celebrated its 454th Bravade in May 2021. A heart that you will find at Place des Lices, at the cinema La Renaissance.


Bernard Bories

President of Cinéma des Antipodes

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