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Australia / 2018 / 105 min / DCP / Adventure

Director : Ben Hackworth

Script : Ben Hackworth, Bille Brown
Cinematography : Katie Milwright ACS
Editing : Peter Carrodus ASE
Music : Jackson Milas, Anthony Partos
Production : Lizzette Atkins, Raphael Cocks

Cast : Radha Mitchell (Celeste), Nadine Garner (Grace), Thomas Cocquerel (Jack), Odessa young (Rita), Andy Bramble (Rita's father)

Celeste was once Australia’s most beloved opera singer. Yet she threw it all away to follow the man she loved to live on a crumbling property deep in the rainforests of Tropical North Queensland. Ten years after his tragic death, Celeste is ready to make one final return to the stage. But her stepson Jack, still haunted by the past, arrives at her behest amidst the preparations for the performance and finds Celeste is as he remembered – beautiful, intoxicating and dangerous. But when she asks Jack for an impossible favor, the secrets that drove them apart explode back into rhapsodic life.


Ben Hackworth

He was born in Brisbane. He is a graduate of the VCA, the Melbourne Film School. In 2001 his short film Martin Four was selected at the Cannes Film Festival and in 2006 he joined the Cinéfondation Residence in Paris. In 2003, he directed the short film Violet lives upstairs and in 2008 his first feature film Corroboree.


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